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DevClub invites businesses and organizations to the cooperation wishing to support the initiative of intellectual, professional and social development specialists in the field of IT.
Why do we need sponsors?
Folk wisdom says that good things does not happen for free. We are trying to disprove it, and doing it successfully for a long time. DevClub participants have never paid to attend the events to listen topics of their intersests. But despite the fact that we have a system of voluntary donations, it is not enough to cover all the expenses of the event (room, equipment, prizes, buffet ...).
Why your company / firm could become a sponsor?
DevClub - is a great place not only to find new employees, but also to improve the skills of existing. Think how much time and money it costs to you personally acquire the necessary level of competence for some sort of solution, but we invite professionals who have experience in specific areas so they talk about their success, challenges and achievements. We appreciate the informal atmosphere and free easy communication. Practice shows that the principle People2People is the best way to find answers to their questions.
What we offer you as a sponsor?
First of all, it is a mutual professional growth. This means that the (maximum) 5 of your employees will always be able to visit your sponsored event without having to register. Of pleasant and useful additional points: banner on our website and advertising at every meeting, the organization which you render financial assistance. For example, in a welcome speech to the audience, or in any other format: roll-ups, attributes, booklets. In addition, support for intellectual initiatives - is more prestige points in the treasury of any firm.
Our Guarantee
DevClub is a nonprofit organization. Each of the organizers has already invested more money than he could earn. Therefore, we especially appreciate any help and willing to account for every penny spent.
The financial side of the sponsorship agreement
Given previous experience in planning activities, we can offer the following packages:
Annual package: 12 months * 200 € = 2400 €, one payment.
Semiannual package: 6 months * 250 € = 1500 €, one payment. Per year: 3000 €.
Quarterly Package: 3 months * 300 € = 900 €, one payment. Per year: 3600 €.
Monthly package: 1 month * 350 € = 350 €, one payment. Per year: 4200 €.
You agree. What's next?
Please write to us at info@devclub.eu - and we will contact you as soon as possible.